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Orije: Looking for a shot with a piano to find a shot and trying to impress Klopp.
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Orijah wants to love the piano in the days of renting Wolfsburg. The striker who rented from Liverpool wanted to learn to help him find the shot by learning to play the piano. He said he would be able to persuade the Red Army Liverpool coach Clopp will advance his qualifying on the front line, for now, he is behind Philipo, Stuart and Soranke's Four forwards. In his spare time, Origen did not look like a football player. I like to study, read and read books while training. At Liverpool, I started to learn to play the piano, perhaps I could find like-minded people on the German side. In fact, I would like to learn German, I like the language. In an interview with Wolfsburg's official website, Origen said. Dressed in Wolfsburg team No. 14 robe of Oriegi will be played in the Bundesliga debut this week, Wolf Fort will be coach Andreas - Yong Keer led the home against Hanover 96 team. Research institutions: Mba Pei the biggest premium, Sarah cheap (Click gameusd.com to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

According to CIES research data, in this summer's transfer window, PSG introduced Mbabei is the largest premium transaction, and Liverpool in Salah who picked up the cheap. Mbabei will be the first rent after the way to buy from the Monaco to join the PSG, next year PSG will pay him 135 million euros transfer fee, plus 45 million euros floating terms. However, according to the CIES Transfer Value Calculator, the figures generated for the player's age, location, performance at home and abroad, and the contracted years show that Mbabei's worth is 92.6 million euros. Count the additional terms, his premium reached 87.4 million euros. Barcelona from Dort introduced Dumbler's second-ranked transaction, Deng Beilei's premium of £ 52.0 million. In addition, the introduction of Liverpool Salah's trade can be described as cost-effective. Worth the calculator to calculate his worth of 69.4 million euros, and Liverpool spent only 50 million euros to sign him. Manchester City put Norito also; loss, he saved 17.4 million euros for the province of Seville. Chelsea introduced Lydig is also a pen; good deal. Attached: CIES worth calculator Liverpool senior officials: never think Kutiniao will leave this summer |


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Oh, yes, to mention Antonio - Brown, he has been very eye-catching every time he followed the touchdown.

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American Federation of Southern Division

Houston Texans
It seems that some people like JJ-watt, some people hate him, but if you are the former, then use this reason to like the Texas people should be very good. Watt has won three of the best defensive players of the year in the last five seasons, and this season Watt will return to the season again after losing most of the races last season.

Indianapolis pony
The pony's mascot is fantastic. He is a horse, the name is "Blue", he also knows how to steal the game at home and opponents.

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Of course, he is also very good heart, even in the chair of the game is also the case.

Jacksonville Jaguar
As a fan of the Jaguar, you need to understand the most important thing about the jaguar is in the game when shouting "DUUUUUUVAAAAALLLLL", called the more loud, the more frequent the better. This is the name of the county where the team is located. This is the Jaguar fans most like to do one thing, of course, this is their game itself to compare.

Tennessee Titan
Marcus Mario Tower is the team's rising young quarterback, and he is also a very worthy guy, because he knows how to give fans a different surprise.

But one thing to remember, do not give him nickname. When he entered the league in the 2015 season, Mario said: "I do not have a nickname, I do not want to.

FIFA 18 can be officially on sale, the dependable additionally launched a number of information in this for the statistics. a way to play for the UT machine? want to be aware about what? Then we supply UT precise play to introduce, check it
this is FIFA18 new UT single mode. you will be able to task the huge name, expert gamers or well-known individual group lineup, win elements, growing inside the standings. The higher the rating, the higher the praise. The factors to win the sport are determined with the useful resource of the trouble and lineup of your choice.

group undertaking in the form of weekly games, EA will pick out each day 4 devices of new lineup. you may view each lineup of custom tactics, formation and chemical reactions.
this is just like the preceding head coach undertaking. In FIFA18, the crowning glory of the each day and weekly obligations is probably the corresponding praise. responsibilities include lineup management, purchase and sell game enthusiasts, entire the game, new players play and so forth. The more difficult the assignment, the better the praise could be.

each day you could get at least five duties, all of us's project might be precise.

every week will refresh every week mission, the problem will boom, every person receives the same week undertaking.

those tasks will run via the complete FIFA18, may be completed on the mobile phone APP and the game.

Champions Channel Champions Channel

EA (Click here to (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins ps4, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) buy fut 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) finally released the event decrease lower back to look the function. inside the FIFA18 championship channel, you'll be capable of see the sector's top gamers in the game in the game video. you may freely rapid ahead, rewind, modify the attitude, to have a look at their technical and tactical, to enhance their private.

at the same time as looking, there may be a timeline set off. you can jump immediately to the ability flow, goals, fouls and other wonderful moments.

venture SBC


2018 free agent forecast: new contract to expire - NFL Rugby Field - NFL 18
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2018 free agent prediction: outside due to take over their new contract by the Green Bay Xiaodai force published published in the NFL 18 · NFL football stadium Time: 17.08.10 15:42 Updated: 17.08.1016: 13 author: GreggRosenthal (experience Rich in the NFL editor) 2014 outside the receiver who is ready to receive wages. Before these people get a pass on the NFL's stadium, the 2014-class players have been promoted as one of the best teams in any time, along with superstars and lots of deep Level of the players (depth), this group has been made to meet people's expectations. Signing all of the above did not lead to more money - when Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, and Branding Cox (Brandin Cooks) in their rookie contract to choose the fifth year of implementation options [will make them in the team through the 2018 season], and like Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins), Allen Robinson ( Allen Robinson, Davante Adams, and Jarvis Landry, these players entered their contract year. DeAndre Hopkins, who was selected in 2013, will become a freelancer in addition to a renewal, and there may be a lot of talented catcher in the market in March next year. on. A prediction is never early, so I think it will be very interesting to analyze the location of some of the bigwigs how to enter the contract year, starting from the outside to start it. That's what your early 2018 free agent predicts. The following are the catalogs: »Outsider (those who will support Beckham's)» »Big quarter of the quarterback» may not leave the star quarterback »Marginal quarterback» To prove a contract All-Star Players »Players who can execute a big contract» Stealth big contract candidates take over (those who will support Beckham) Before we go deep into this group, let's talk about Odell Beckham The Although his current contract will expire by 2019, he will be able to end the contract in 2018 and then enter the free market and then get a lot of money. This is his plan, anyway. This season will get $ 1.8 million Beckham - in the past three seasons only than Julio Jones (Julio Jones) and Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) to catch the total number of yards less [4122 yards] - want to use his next contract to reset the catcher market. "What you want to do is change the game," Beckham said at an earlier training camp, trying to explain that he wanted to be the player of the sport's highest salary. "It's not for myself, Odell Baker Ham. This is for everyone in the league, those who only big contract players.You sit there and look at how crazy the NBA is now.
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Really say how crazy they get so much money One thing, while the NFL has the same player worth paying so much money.I hope to be a pioneer to help push the league and the tournament to that direction. "Do not underestimate Beckham and his agent. They have the NFL history of the largest shoe contract negotiations, the giant may be very clever to find out that his salary will only continue to rise. For Beckham or Mike Evans (who have long been tired of their last three seasons have been the league's third multi-ball touchdowns [27] players), any earlier contract ( In Tampa Bay) will be on the other players in the free market set goals to play a chain reaction. De Andrews Hopkins, Houston Texas: In this group Hopkins is probably the first person to get a contract renewal, especially if (if) he can play well in the season. Texans have publicly expressed their desire to sign a long time Hopkins, and we can hardly imagine that they will let him go, especially considering the Texas people in this position lacks the depth of lineup. Privilege tags may serve as a hidden alternative. Sami Watkins, Buffalo Bill : The surprising deal to Rams will only help Watkins to enter his contract year. A healthy and prolific season in Los Angeles will at least make him a privileged label in the ruma, and they are likely to actively retain Watkins for a long time after dealing with him with a second-round draft pick from Bill to him. Was once set as the first free man of the season, but now the ram will not let Watkins leave. The biggest concern about the ram is whether Jared Goff can pass the ball to the depths of Watkins. Alan Robinson and Marqise Lee, Jacksonville Jaguar: Robinson is not eligible for the fifth year option because he was executed after being selected (second round total 61st).


Echo: Liverpool will not sell Kutiniao after buying Leharma _FIFA 18 International Soccer News
FIFA 18 GAME August 28 hearing "echo newspaper" reporter James - Pierce said that Liverpool acquisition of Le Mall and the team midfielder Kutiniao's future has nothing to do. Liverpool is stepping up to chase Monaco (Click gameusd.com to buy fifa 18 coins ps4, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
midfielder Le Mare, Red Army coach Klopp hope that the French star can join Anfield on Thursday after the transfer deadline. But Pierce said the deal was irrelevant to the future of Kutiniao. Liverpool stressed that no matter who bought, the Brazilian midfielder will stay in the Red Army. Deschamps: No limit to Borgba's play, his new season is a great performance _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 GAME August 28 (Reuters) - French commander de Sang is still pleased at the just-concluded press conference that he is very pleased with the performance of the new season, and he is not worried that Mbabe and Denber Will rumors affect. ; The Dutch team replaced the coach, and we have not played against the background. This game is very critical to us, especially in the case of our last game lost to Sweden. ; Borgba this season's performance is very good, too high worth and did not limit his play, he can focus on Manchester United play, I saw his progress. Fischer is back on the team, which is good news for us. The past year was a bit difficult for him, and he had been hurt before. I have always trusted him, for he can return to the national team, I was not surprised. ; Mbapi and Denberlie, this summer's rumors about them flying. But I never worry about them, they are talented. I hope they can focus more on their own performance in the future. ; Kingsley - Coleman also returned to the national team, he played well at the beginning of the season, he is now very confident to play. ; Against the Dutch team, I will be on the front line to Grew partner Gleeszman? I feel good, they are very familiar with each other. But I can have too many offensive players can be waiting for disposal. Deschamps said. Chouyu interest in Gomez is cooling, is asking Biedar's situation _FIFA 18 international football news
According to the "World Sports Daily" news, had been interested in Andre - Gomez Juventus interest in his has declined, and now want to ask the situation in the case of Biedar. Earlier media reports Juventus would like to offer 33 million euros, while Barcelona hopes to get 50 million transfer fee, do not want to cut prices. Since then, Juventus on his interest gradually cooled down. And in the last few hours Juventus turned his eyes to Barcelona right-back Vidal, asked him about his situation. Gomez last summer to 35 million worth from Valencia to join Barcelona, ​​and his performance did not meet people's expectations. Even so, Gomez is only 24 years old, although not well adapted to Barcelona, ​​but he is still very potential, Barcelona does not want to reduce the price for such a player. Before a few teams for Gomez sent a serious offer, but Barcelona was also put him in the team's plan. In the last few weeks, only some of the club for his tentative inquiry, there is no specific offer, but by September 1 before the transfer window closed, such a situation may be changed. Ramsay apologizes for defeat: Arsenal have to make a change in title - FIFA 18 FIFA News (welcome to gameusd.com buy fifa 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Arsenal midfielder Ramsay apologized for the team's last night's 0-4 defeat and said the gunmen had to make a change to the title. We are very disappointed with our performance, but we have to accept this reality. I'm sorry for the fans who came to the scene & mdash; this is not enough and we have to do something about it. If we have to compete for the championship this year, we have to make a change. Liverpool shows the things you want to compete for Premier League champions, and we have to work hard. ; Now most of the players are to leave (to the national team), so when we come back to re-examine the game, I hope we can turn this page, summed up the results. Team reporter: Liverpool signed Leipzig midfielder Keita, joined the summer _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 GAME August 28, according to the "Times" Liverpool correspondent Joyce news, Liverpool has reached an agreement with Leipzig, will be signed next summer, Nabi - Keita. Joyce said:; Keita today will accept the medical examination, he will be in July 1, 2018 officially joined. Liverpool now pays a fee on the basis of the 48 million pounds of buy-off costs that comes into effect next summer. Liverpool "echo" reporter Pierce and BBC also confirmed after the news. Too careless! Cologne staff forget about turf heating lead to damage to turf _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 GAME August 28th The quality of the turf in the Bundesliga Cologne club is not that good in the new season, but it is very bad. In the previous game with Hamburg, Cologne's turf appeared a lot of problems. Cologne director Schmidt is also very dissatisfied with:; turf in poor condition. According to the German media "Bibliography" news, leading to Cologne turf state bad reason there may be turf heating forget to close. Reported that a staff member had forgotten to close the turf heating, resulting in the recent poor quality of the turf.

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Seahawks signed the left-hander Thales - Thompson

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll (Pete Carroll) in the team that left the left side of the George - Furt (George Fant) NFL 18 season reimbursement is clearly sad.
Fang Te 25 years old this year, starting the first 10 games, this NFL 18 season would have been the regular NFL 18 season starting left front. On Friday, Seahawks had to let Rees Odhiambo and Luke Joeckel serve as left-hand positions.
At present, the free agent cut off there Brandon - Albert (Branden Albert), but the Hawks will eventually give the opportunity to Thales - Thompson (Tyrus Thompson).
Thompson is the Minnesota Vikings' six-round show in 2015, last NFL 18 season in the Carolina Panthers training list spent five games, he also briefly in the Detroit Lions and New Orleans saints played short, black The leopard laid off him on August 12th.
It now appears that Thompson has the opportunity to appear in the regular NFL 18 season.

FOX hires Eric Dickson for NFL Analyst
ESPN in layoffs, FOX is cheerfully recruiting. They have got a bunch of former NFL players, this time and the Hall of Fame running Eric - Dickson (Eric Dickerson) to complete the contract.
Dixon will serve as an NFL analyst.
Last year, Dixon had a great deal about the rickshaw coach Jeff Fisher, which played a role in fueling how Fisher was finally fired.
This would be his most eye-catching post in a short day as a journalist on Monday night.

Haha - Clinton Dix tried to play the role of field
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has proven his ability on the pitch, and now he wants to play a role (Click here to buy Madden NFL18 Coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) in the field.
As a result of personal experience, prompted Clinton Dix to set up his own "Haha Heroes Foundation" this year to help children in low-income families in Green Bay.
Clinton Dix said in an interview: "I grew up in a low-income family, in my childhood I will not see the study very heavy, and I now hope that the same situation of the children do not face the situation I encountered. "
It is reported that the foundation's word "HERO" refers to "hope, education, resources, opportunities", the Foundation hopes to help children complete their studies, learn positive personal skills.
For the Clinton Dicks on the pitch, it has gradually become (welcome to gameusd.com to buy cheap NFL 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins) a professional bowl-level player, and at the same time last NFL 18 season to complete a career-high 5 steals, he hopes his field leadership effect can be brought to the field.

"I am very pleased to join Manchester City, which is one of the leading clubs in Europe, and Guardiola is a coach who loves offensive football and I am sure that we will be in the next few years," said Mendy, success."

"There is everything we need for a full-back guard," said Manchester City Director Bergiststein. "He has had a wealth of top-level experience for such a young player, and he's the undisputed world's best We are very happy that he can come to Manchester City and I am sure he will prove himself a perfect complement to the lineup. "

Mendi's career from the law of Bayer Alfur, then joined the Marseille club. Last summer he was signed by Monaco. In the past season, he played for Monaco 34 times, scored 1 goal, sent 10 assists to help Monaco won the French champions and into the Champions League semi-finals. He himself was selected last season's best lineup of France.

This year in March, Mendi for the first time the French national team recruited, so far a total of four times for the Gallic rooster.
Alan - Shearer column: Manchester United everything is ready, red magic revival in sight?
Manchester United is very enjoy the first round of the Premier League 4-0 victory, a hearty victory also enhance the expectations of the Red Devils fans.

Everywhere to remind us that the Premier (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) League is a marathon FIFA 18 GAME, not only two FIFA 18 GAMEs of the sprint competition, and fair to say, West Ham and Swansea for any team in the title race, are Can not lose the object.

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho is also trying to save the character for the outside world look forward to cooling, he pointed out that last season Manchester United also won the first three FIFA 18 GAMEs, but eventually ranked sixth in the standings.

But this time last year, Manchester United at home to beat Bournemouth, Hull City and Southampton, when the Red Devils were (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) stretched, not like this season, 180 minutes general brisk.

I thought that Manchester United could win the Premier League title, and many early evidence was deepening my view.

This is a team with all the elements, they are lineup deep, strong, on the pitch they can completely control the speed and intensity.

Few teams have the talented players like Marshall and Herrera as a substitute, and they can be used to help the team at any time. When the team substitutions, they should be weaker than before, but added the strength of Manchester United seems to be more powerful.

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we have also teamed up with The Diana Award – a specialist in the Anti-Bullying subject. test out this video from our safety Workshop with the YouTubers and Supercell's adolescents Board!

conflict Royale the 2v2 Button Coming lower back?
via now you have probably noticed that the 2v2 button to your clash Royale most important screen is not a everlasting function and may be finishing soon... however do not worry! it's coming lower back in July - for the whole month - additionally known as the "summer season of 2v2".Top up Clash Royale gems from reputable Clash Royale gem sellers via Mobilga.com secure marketplace. Cheap, safe and 24/7 service.

Our intention with this past week of 2v2 (and upcoming month of 2v2) is to peer the way you, the gamers, experience approximately it! Your likes, dislikes and tips for enhancements. We want to soak all of it up and then consider where to move subsequent with 2v2. Top up Clash Royale gems from reputable Clash Royale gem sellers via Mobilga.com secure marketplace. Cheap, safe and 24/7 service.

as an example, must it turn out to be a everlasting feature - and in that case, in what form? With a leaderboard or with out? we'll be asking ourselves those questions after the summer time of 2v2.

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Clash Of Clans Gems mobilga.com

The top 8 have to-understand clash of Clans tips

Tip #1. store Your gemstones

whilst you begin playing conflict off Clans, you begin with 500 gems. through the stop of the academic, you grow to be dropping almost 50 gems by means of finishing structures instantly as told with the aid of the tutorial. in case you rather keep your gemstones, you'll be able to add more builders at a quicker rate.

right here are the charges for every builder:
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Builder 2: 250 gems (you add this during the academic)
Builder three: 500 gemstones
Builder 4: one thousand gems
Builder 5: 2000 gemstones
at the same time as developers 4 and five are a long approaches off, builder 3 is doable highly quick if you save your gem stones. more developers let you construct greater homes straight away and as a end result are very helpful. With the new extended family conflict achievements and a trophy push, you may release the 4th builder within a few months of gambling even without shopping whatever. The fifth builder would require a first-rate Trophy push (to Champion’s League) or extra time to unencumber some of the other achievements.

Tip #2. Use reasonably-priced units

considered one of the biggest mistakes new gamers make isn't always thinking about the value of the gadgets they use to warfare. at the same time as Giants are notable, additionally they cost lots more to use than Barbarians. At higher levels, Dragons are exquisite, however they price a lot more to use than Giants. there's additionally the time component to do not forget. whilst Wizards are stronger than Archers, they now not only value extra to make, but every Wizard calls for 8 mins. meanwhile, you could create 4 Archers in less than two mins (Wizards are a 4-deliver unit).

As a end result, while your number one goal is to keep up sources, you want to make the effort to apply cheap gadgets that are quick to supply. The excellent units to make relies upon in your city corridor stage; see my conflict of Clans city hall Farming manual by way of degree for greater details.

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FIFA 18: eight underrated silver players who should get gold improvements

FIFA 18: eight underrated silver players who should get gold improvements
FIFA 18: a way to take unfastened-kicks and other set-pieces (Click here to buy NFL 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) like a pro
It’s no longer a present day point of view, but the ladies’s sport in FIFA 18 surely is robust, and – with considerably much less reliance on pace – feels markedly unique from the guys’s equivalent. The participant database remains a touch small for a self-contained final team mode, but there’s no motive to leave out home teams to any extent further.
Elite stars from across the globe, along with Manchester metropolis and England standout Lucy Bronze, already have face scans covered. Even the choice to play a unmarried season could be an development on only the use of country wide teams, and right away remodel Bronze into gold.
Welcome to the summer time scramble for elite unfastened transfers. And we don’t best suggest in real lifestyles: within the virtual boardrooms of FIFA 18, there’s a extremely competitive marketplace for the satisfactory freebies as profession mode’s 2016/17 season involves a near.
To this stop, the in-game ‘worldwide switch community’ does a superb job of finding appropriate players, but it requires time and strength to get the first-class outcomes. need to recruit the satisfactory additions with out doing the homework? Then use our listing underneath. mixing teenagers and revel in, and attacking flair with protective solidity, any (or all) of these will at once bolster your 2017/18 line-up.
1. Rene Adler (GK)
He’s 6ft 3in with rankings of eighty for Reflexes, 80 for Reactions, 79 for managing and 78 for Diving

potential wage: £50,000
need to know: FIFA 18 features a plethora of strapping, dependable German keepers, with Adler a number of the quality – and at 32, he has at least 4 extra sturdy seasons in him. He’s 6ft 3in with scores of eighty for Reflexes, eighty for Reactions, 79 for dealing with and 78 for Diving. In different phrases, he (Click here to buy Madden 18 Coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) is the prototype netminder for a team threatening european qualification.
picture: https://images.cdn.fourfourtwo.com/web sites/fourfourtwo.com/documents/patterns/inline-photograph/public/1adler.jpg?itok=NTftp_9c

2. Jakob Busk (GK)
Union Berlin’s younger custodian has been capped by using Denmark in any respect stages from U-18 to U-21
capacity wage: £12,000
need to realize: Union Berlin’s young custodian has been capped with the aid of Denmark at all ranges from U18 to U21, or even at 23 has an normal rating of seventy one. installation him as your new No.1 and over time it’ll upward thrust to 77, making that profits a thieve. It’s even lower priced to newly promoted golf equipment with realistic budgets. Take notice and act correctly, digital Chris Hughtons.
image: https://snap shots.cdn.fourfourtwo.com/web sites/fourfourtwo.com/documents/patterns/inline-picture/public/2busk.jpg?itok=Iw_39iN1

3. Charlie Taylor (LB)
At just 23 years antique he has an basic rating of 74, however that may rise to 81 with recreation time and education
potential salary: £30,000
need to recognise: Leeds’ younger complete-again is presently in the membership’s actual-lifestyles naughty books for refusing to play within the season finale against Wigan; in FIFA, you need not worry about such mind-set issues. At just 23 years old he has an common rating of seventy four, but that could upward thrust to eighty one with sport time and schooling – that means he’ll be pressing for England caps inside 3 seasons.
image: https://photographs.cdn.fourfourtwo.com/websites/fourfourtwo.com/files/styles/inline-image/public/3taylor.jpg?itok=P5E7DKSJ


What is Nintendo Switch?
Nintendo Switch version of the FIFA18 will not run on the Frostbite engine, which for FIFA fans is undoubtedly a blow, because they have long wanted to enjoy the Nintendo platform to play FIFA.
However, EA insists that they have created a valuable title for the Nintendo Switch and disclosed that the switch version of the FIFA18 has a custom run engine for the alternative to the Frostbite engine.

Without the Frostbite engine, it means that there is no "The Journey", which is a very important omission, but for the Switch version of the players, as long as they can find where the Internet connection, they have to use the dream team and game The possibility of the package, which is very interesting.
If you want to learn more about the Switch version, you can view the comprehensive guide.
When can I book FIFA18?

Book now FIFA18. You can make reservations through official channels, such as the Playstation and Xbox Store - find the PS4, (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins ps4, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Xbox and PC versions of FIFA18 in these links - also available at some big retailers, and more information coming soon.
In order to meet the release of the day of arrival, we can now in the PS3, Xbox360 platform to buy Collector's Edition (Legacy version).
Who will board the FIFA18 cover?
FIFA17 cover the determination of the characters depends on the vote of the fans (the final winner is Royce), but the EA company himself chose a cover character, when they chose C Luo, such a move who will blame them The
EA company said C Luo is FIFA18 "global" cover characters, so there may be fans vote, in each region and then select a more localized athletes to serve as the cover. However, due to the attractiveness of C Luo and he may (Click here to buy fut 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) be reluctant to share the cover with other people, so for the fans to vote and the emergence of other cover characters, we are not sure.

We can solemnly say that C Lo is still the highest value of FIFA18 players.
The other person you may see on the FIFA18 cover is the big Luo, Brazil may be on the idol version of the cover.
What are the new features of FIFA18?
Some new game modes will bring a lot of new features that you can learn in the following.
Game, EA's FIFA18 can be said to have taken the industry's "most important step" because they introduced the "real player Motion Technology" (Real Player Motion Technology), which is a "response and player personality upgrade To a new stage "of the animation system.
Related to the new action and can make the shot and header become more smooth animation system. EA also introduced a "new" pass control function, which allows players to improve the accuracy of the ball into the restricted area, and can be sent in different ways pass.
Although the personal control of the stars have always been the focus of FIFA attention, but this year they are also strengthening the team's sense of control. "Team style" is to join in the FIFA site to bring a recognizable style of manipulation.

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